World-class scandal: In a documentary about Amy Winehouse used videos were stolen from the concert of a Serbian singer! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

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World-class scandal: In a documentary about Amy Winehouse used videos were stolen from the concert of a Serbian singer! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

By comparing the shots from the documentary "Amy - The Girl Behind The Name" and the live show of Serbian singer Jelena Karleuša it was obvious that the videos used in the movie were actually stolen from Jelena's show

In a documentary about late Amy Winehouse, “Amy – The Girl Behind The Name”, which earned more than 22 million dollars, the producers, due to a scandalous mistake, used the shots from the concert Serbian singer Jelena Karleuša had on June 15, 2013 at Ušće!

The key moment in the movie is, of course, the last live show Amy had on June 18, 2011 at Kalemegdan fortress, Belgrade.
There we can see that by comparing the shots from the movie “Amy – The Girl Behind The Name”  and the scenes from Jelena’s concert at Ušće, you can easily conclude that the video material from Jelena’s concert was used in the documentary about Amy!
Besides, take a look at the print-screen from the movie “Amy” on which, to make things worse, the signature stands : Kalemegdan fortress!

Right on the first glance it was clear that the video material was from the concert at Ušće, and not from the Belgrade fortress Kalemegdan.
On the right side one can see the recognizable building of the business center “Ušće” (former HQ of the Communist Party), while on the left one can see the treeline near the river bank.
Moreover, the biggest proof that these shots were stolen from the concert Karleuša had is due to a specific fan-pit shape which only Jelena had, and also the central video and the rest of the video beams on the sides of the stage.
Anyway, take a look at the picture from the documentary and the picture from Jelena’s show:

Similarities are of a such extent that a question poses itself how the producers could have let this mistake happen.
This is not just grave disfigurement of the popularity of both late Amy and Jelena, but this is the case of breaking the author’s rights, which is dealt in the world of music with 6-figure-compensations.
The documentary about the late British singer was directed by Asif Kapadia, and one of the producers was “Universal Music”.
This movie was shown on many prestigious world film festivals, it won 19 prizes, including the title for the best European documentary in 2015.
According to the information we have, negotiations between the Jelena’s lawyers and the documentary producers will start soon, and after that we will know what outcome will this case going to have.

This was the last show of Amy Winehouse in Belgrade:

Let us remind ourselves of Jelena’s concert at Ušće:

This case will surely put a lot of things in commotion, but what do you think: Was this mistake done on purpose or accidentally, and why did they choose the shots from this exact concert?

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