Europoped o Jeleni Karleuši:,,Ova diva bi mogla preuzeti svijet”

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 Europoped o Jeleni Karleuši:,,Ova diva bi mogla preuzeti svijet”

Vest o novom spotu JK za pjesmu ,,Krimi rad'' se već odavno proširili i to ne samo na našim prostorima nego u cijeloj EVropi. Dokaza za to je i sajt i njihov članak o Karleuši. U textu navode da je Karleuša srpska Lady Gaga, ako ne čak i bolja od Gage! Takođe navode da bi Jelena vrlo lako mogla prevazići i parirati svim američkim pop zvijezdama. Ukoliko Jelena izbaci singl na engleskom, a znamo da hoće, europoped kaže da bi ova diva mogla preuzeti svijet.
Prenosimo članak u cijelosti
Well here it is. The most anticipated music video of the summer from Belgrade, Jelena Karleusa's "Krimi Rad." It's hard to impart just how popular Karleusa is in this part of Europe. She's Serbia's Lady Gaga is maybe the best way to put it (even though she's not as big of a sales generator as Gaga is, Jelena certainly is as good at getting press in Belgrade, if not better, than Gaga). The singer's latest record is simply called 'Diva' and she is a diva in every sense of the word. Jelena might be the best diva in pop music anywhere in the world right now and she could likely beat the crap out of any pretend American pop star. And girl's got some moves, too, as you'll see in this brand new sexy video below. We wrote about Karleusa's epic "Insomnia" video a few years ago, but this new clip represents a big jump into the future for the Serbian star (her entire record, which can be streamed on You Tube, bursts with similiar swagger). God help us all if she drops an English record because this diva has the drive to take over the world....and we'd gladly welcome that, by the way. Check the hot promo below.

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